onday, May 31 2021


Hi, my name’s Mariam. I’m a teacher, I drink way too much coffee, I read a lot of books, I’m currently writing a children’s book, I love pizza, I love taking photos, my favourite colour is yellow, I’m currently watching ‘Dynasty’ on Netflix, I’m a Harry Potter fan, I have two cats, I play tennis, I’m small, I love going to Ikea, I love finding cute coffee shops to sit and write in, I feel so lost without my watch, my appendix burst when I was 11, I’ve recently started having ‘Jordans country crisp with crunchy chunky nuts’ cereal in the morning and I think I am addicted, I’ve had pasta for dinner four nights in a row, I cry over everything, I have no idea where my life is going, I believe that you should put your mental health first before anything, I see a therapist on a weekly basis, because life showed me the worst side of the world at an early age.

Mariam x

teacher, coffee, books, mental health | Tw: @MariamK95 Insta: teaandmaz