What do you love about yourself?

Self-love is not easy. Self-love is a journey. It sure isn’t an easy journey. When life throws us curveballs after curveballs and with every failure that we face, we end up questioning our self-worth and that is not healthy. To achieve self-love we need to put in the effort, give it our best and it requires our full dedication.

We have all been hurt in life one way or another and we’ve all dealt with things that have convinced us we are hard to love. Each of our lives tell a story that is so special.

I’m currently on a journey with the goal of learning to truly love the person that I am. It’s always been in my nature to be kind and loving to those around me, but the idea of treating myself with that same compassion and care has proven to be one of the most difficult things in my life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking and writing a few things that I love about myself.

I love that I appreciate the little things in life, like coffee dates, going out for brunch with my friends, hugs, someone holding the door for me, seeing the people I love happy. I love how kind I am, life has shown me the worst side of the world and I truly believe that kindness always wins. I love that I am a good friend, I will Face-Time, text, call, check-in and show-up. I love that I love to see people I love succeed and be happy.

I asked people I know “What do you love about yourself?” Without further ado, here are my responses.

  1. “I don’t judge people and I’m a great listener”. — Salbia
  2. “Hmm if I’m being honest nothing really lol but if I think about it really hard then I’d say how caring and kind I am.” — Humayra.
  3. “How much I care about my friends I think”. — William.
  4. “I’m very kind-hearted”. — Aisha.
  5. “I don’t know”. Ayesha.
  6. “One thing that I love about myself is that I bring joy to little hearts everyday. Being able to say that I am a teacher, is a beautiful thing.” — Lisa
  7. “Independence”. — Stella.
  8. “I’m energetic and always smiling despite what’s going on inside”. — Sarj.
  9. “Everything.” — Mr C.
  10. “I love my smile, have a big heart and have no idea”. — Ishrat
  11. “The feeling of empathy and compassion towards everyone”. — Anam
  12. “This question made me realise how little I know or appreciate myself. I actually can’t think of one things.” — Sham
  13. “In tune with my soul.” — Frankie.
  14. “ I’m intelligent, independent, can carry myself even when things are bad. I will stand bank up and love that I know whatever happens, happens for the best as this is what Allah planned for you. Faith is very important.” — Fer.
  15. “Maybe being caring.” — Feyza
  16. “My patience.. I think teaching has tested my patience physically and mentally.” — Nishi.
  17. How forgiving I am! Maybe because I know god will punish those who hurt me so why should I hold it against them. Secondly, you know the feeling of “forgiven” and “forgotten” is so powerful! and ill only realise later when someone speaks about a similar situation or I see a post relating to a similar scenario that I’ve been through and I think damn look how easy it was for me to forgive and not care. I really am strong.” — Maryam. H
  18. “I’m always open to learning, developing and bettering myself. I don’t get jealous and I don’t compete with anyone but myself and as long as I am a better person than I was a week/month/ year ago, I am happy. I am creative, whether that be in my personal, social life or career. I am loving, thoughtful and caring towards those closest to me.” — Nabeela.
  19. “New found confidence, ability to still learn new things.” — Hollie.
  20. “No idea, bit depressing.” — Laura

Mariam. x




teacher, coffee, books, mental health | Tw: @MariamK95 Insta: teaandmaz

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Mariam Khatoon

Mariam Khatoon

teacher, coffee, books, mental health | Tw: @MariamK95 Insta: teaandmaz

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